Airboat Rides in the Everglades

Airboat rides in Everglades


In the early 1900s, there were no airboat rides in the Everglades. The area that now lies between Fort Lauderdale  and Naples including  the National Park was considered a undesirable area.  The residents of south Florida and the first tycoons planned to develop the Everglades and commercialize it. Little did they know the most important factor of this Eco system was the water. This is what started the push for Its preservation, but that is another story.

The first so called airboat built outside of the United states was built by Alexander graham bell in 1905 in Canada it was called the ugly duckling. You can look at photos on line and you will see it was basically a pontoon boat with a propeller attached to it. It does not resemble the airboats that were developed in Florida. There is still debate today that Glen Curtis built the first actual airboat built for the swamps of Florida.

Airboats invented in the United states


In the United states airboats were developed in the mid to late 1920s. In Florida the first Gladesman were toying with the idea of a craft that would glide across the river of grass without getting stuck. Glenn Curtis was one of the first to create an airboat in South Florida . Not fare behind where a couple of froggers named Johnny Lamb and Russell Howard and this is how the airboat evolved.

Today airboats are fare more advanced and used for a variety of things  personal watercraft, Law enforcement and Airboat rides in the Everglades. Many visitors today come from all over the world to experience the River of grass adventure. Airboat ride Companies have popped up all over Florida in the past several years due to its popularity among tourist. Airboat tours are one of the top tourist attractions in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Airboat rides have provided not only a means of transportation across the land, but also easier access for tourist to experience the Florida Everglades . In consideration to the conservation of Florida’s largest wetlands, airboat rides in the Everglades are environmentally friendly and educational.  Airboat rides in the Everglades remain one of the most popular ways to  explore  the national park. They allow for excellent views of wildlife, Alligators and easy access to the back country.



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