Spotting Alligators

 Spotting Alligators 

Tips for spotting Alligators during an airboat ride. Alligators are known to be able to blend in with the surrounding, this is why before going on a gator tour you should be aware of where to look so you can spot them with ease. People are often looking directly at an alligator without being aware of it, as they confuse their partially submerged body for a log.

Usually found in wetlands, near swampy shores and sawgrass marshlands, alligators prefer still water along with vegetation. They float in stagnant waters and therefore any lake, pond or swamp makes for a good home for wild alligators. Gator tours in Florida give you the opportunity to spot them safely.


Spotting Alligators on Airboat rides

Like the majority of reptiles, the American alligator cannot regulate its body temperature and thus utilizes the environment to maintain the body temperature. Therefore, during the cold season, groups of alligators congregate on dry land to bathe in the sun in order to keep their bodies warm. However, the best time to spot alligators is during the spring and summer seasons. The alligators lay eggs and mate during the warmer months and a gator tour at this time will ensure you get to witness this life cycle up close.

Other good places for spotting alligators are the sawgrass marshlands. These muddy beds, created by the alligators sometimes, along with the shore banks among the flattened sawgrass allow these reptiles to camouflage with the surroundings and search for prey. They blend in with the dark and their scaly bodies merge with the background and these hunters wait for animals until they get a good opportunity to attack.

Keeping all these facts in mind, if you want to explore the wild side of Florida, plan a gator tour, as they are one of the best things you can experience here!


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