What To Take On Your Airboat Tour

The aim of visiting Florida’s Everglades is to have a good time discovering nature and some truly unique creatures. Like any mission, an airboat tour requires a little bit of preparation. It is not much to prepare for, but certain items and individual bits of clothing you will want to bring along to have the best possible experience. We want to show you what you should bring with you at Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale, so you are ready for the best and safest ride.

Practical Clothing 

It isn’t as intimidating as it might sound. You will want to take comfortable and practical clothes, and those might vary depending on the weather. In summer, your best bet is shorts & a t-shirt, along with sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. You will want to consider long sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and a windbreaker depending on how hot/cold it is outside for winter & fall. 

Florida can get pretty humid, so take a poncho on you if you suspect a rainy day. Ponchos are a great companion against getting wet, and they work across all seasons. It is best to stay dry, and you won’t regret taking your poncho with you, even if you end up not using it. Better safe and sorry as they say.

Another sort of clothing item is a good pair of sunglasses. Florida is very sunny, and you will need sunglasses to protect your eyes and stop the sun from impeding your vision. Polarized sunglasses are particularly suitable for Everglades exploration as they have anti-glare technology, which can help you see around you.

Airboat Tour Basics – Food & Water

It gets hot in Florida. Our boats come equipped with a cooler and bottled water, but you can bring along your own soda too. You will need some refreshment while you are out there. Keeping your body hydrated is a safe way to do things; it is also the most pleasant. It’s just a simple act that can significantly change how you enjoy yourself, so don’t forget your drink!

The other part of sustenance your body might need is a small snack to bring along with you. That natural air can make a lot of us hungry. Also, you never know when your body might suddenly be asking for a bit of energy. So to stay on the safe and comfortable side, bring a little snack with you.

Airboat Tour Skin Safety

The most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it against the sun, and this is why we recommend you take your sunscreen with you. Keep your skin; no point risking sunburns, which can throw a little downer on the day. No one ever regrets taking their sunscreen with them, that’s a fact.

Another aspect of skin safety links to the local insect population. If you want to avoid bug bites, then bug spray is your friend. Don’t give those bugs more chances to nibble on your skin and keep them at bay with a fresh spray of bug zapper. It’s all about making you as comfortable as possible.

Improve Your Experience

Beyond just your safety, there are also a couple of essential items you will want to bring with you. The first one is, of course, your camera. There are so many pictures to take, things to get back with you from your ride. Enjoy the moment, but also enjoy bringing some superb photos of Florida’s wildlife. Create your photo albums or share your images online with your friends and family.

Another item that can improve your experience is a good pair of binoculars. You will be able to see beyond what is in front of you. Binoculars increase your chances of seeing that rare creature from afar, so don’t miss out on that chance. If you have a spare pair of binoculars lying around, remember to bring those along, you won’t regret it.

Those are the main things you should bring along your boat ride. It’s not too much effort to find and can be gathered pretty quickly. If you have other questions about preparing for your airboat tour, you can always ask Captain Wayne Jr. when you are booking your trip. He will do his best to answer all the questions you have and leave you with the info and peace of mind you need.