We frequently remark on how fun Fort Lauderdale Everglades tours are for groups of friends and families. You always have a more intimate experience with us because our airboat tours are private. But you can be something other than family or friends to enjoy an airboat tour together. We also accommodate larger groups, and we have discovered over the years that office outings have gained enormous popularity. Fort Lauderdale Everglades Tours may be ideal for you if you want your employees and coworkers to bond genuinely outside of the office. 

Meet your colleagues outside of work

Work is the central place where you interact with your coworkers. To foster a sense of camaraderie among your employees, you occasionally plan small events at work. These can be enjoyable moments. However, you are never free to leave the boundaries of your workplace. Those events can be a little contrived and forgettable. Taking folks someplace special can make a difference; maybe that is what you all need. The Everglades is a great spot to bring your coworkers. Everyone can share the exhilarating airboat trip and create a memorable experience. Observing your coworkers in such a situation can bring out the best in them.

An entertaining and learning experience

It can feel like an effort to manage and direct a large group of individuals. You should know that our captain has excellent expertise in working with various groups. He’ll always find ways to entertain you, your staff, and your colleagues. He is an Everglades native, so he never runs out of tales to share with you. He always provides a pleasant and exciting ride while keeping your staff amused. Captain Wayne knows group dynamics, and as he gets to meet everyone, he always ensures they are all having a lovely time. Our larger-than-life skipper guarantees a fun ride.

Fort Lauderdale Everglades tours are safe

When engaging in group activities, safety is always a top priority. Not only do you want people to have fun, but you also want them to be safe. You’re in luck because we have a lot of experience. With 35 years of expertise, we have taken a variety of parties to Fort Lauderdale Everglades Tours. Your employees and coworkers will get the opportunity to see several unusual animal species while remaining safe. We can also aid in your day-trip preparation. Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale captains can advise you on everything, including what to wear so everyone can stay safe in Florida’s hot weather. Oh, did we also mention that your captain is a trained Coast Guardsmen for the United States? Yes, with us, you are in capable hands.

Book your office outing today

Fort Lauderdale Everglades tours are easy to book. Call or contact us on our website to get in touch. Please inform us of the number of guests you wish to reserve, and we will make arrangements for our airboats and captain to be available. We can work to get our airboat ready for your needs on a day that works better in advance. Book early, so you have plenty of time to plan your business trip. Call us immediately if you are only thinking about it but are unsure. We can assist you in making a decision and determining whether an office outing in the Everglades is suitable for you, your employees, and your coworkers.