When people talk about the Everglades, it often conjures images of a dangerous swamp with alligators ready to jump on us at any moment. It is why Everglades airboat rides are a preferred method of discovering this beautiful nature reserve. The question remains: will you be safe? Can you visit the Everglades by yourself, or should professionals accompany you? Today we take a look at the Everglades terrain and its wildlife to answer such questions.

Should you walk around the Everglades?

The Everglades is a national park made of nature, and with this comes a few risks that people shouldn’t ignore. It is not a terrain for the inexperienced between the wildlife, the rivers, and the swamps. The great news is that you can find a wide array of great trails for hiking and even bicycle riding. The Anhinga Trail is an excellent example of such a trail. It is a 0.8-mile loop trail situated near Homestead, Florida. You will witness wild plants, and in fact, it is a great trail to catch some of Florida’s unique bird species. It is just one example of the more famous and easily accessible Everglades trails, one that we highly recommend.

Should you swim across the Everglades?

Unlike walking, we cannot recommend swimming in the Everglades, if not for one simple reason: alligators. Those creatures are still very aggressive. The chances are incredibly likely that they will attack you on sight if you get too close to them. Don’t let their big size fool you, either. They hide very well, and you won’t see them coming. Some people will say that you should have a watcher with you if you swim, but the truth is straightforward: no one can fend off such creatures. There are also snakes and other dangers in the Everglades waters. So, the answer is: do not swim in the Everglades. Everglades airboat rides are much more suited and safer. They bring you as close to the water as you should get.

Listen and learn from your local park rangers

The Everglades is its unique environment, even for the more seasoned hikers. Your best bet is to learn about the area before you decide to go there. There are typically two types of park rangers: interpretive rangers and law enforcement rangers.

Interpretive rangers tend to focus on visitor programs, giving guided tours and talks to the general public. They are the rangers that will make you aware of all the dangers of the wildlife and the history of the Everglades. If you need more info about the Everglade and its safety, interpretive rangers are the best people to talk to, as it is part of their role to teach people about the local environment and dangers.

You can compare Law enforcement rangers to the police. They carry weapons and can make arrests, ensuring the boating community behaves lawfully amongst other possible infractions. Those rangers will still be happy to talk to you, but they will often be busy attending to their duties. Therefore, your best bet is approaching an interpretive ranger as they are more available and suited to help people understand the ins and outs of the Everglades.

Are Everglades airboat rides safer for animal encounters?

Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale captains know the area like the back of their pockets. Most of them are native. They know where to bring you and where to avoid going. They can get you closer to nature without putting you in danger. It makes a difference when someone knows the area and how to deal with the creatures that roam the Everglades.

One of the significant aspects of Everglades airboat rides is the airboat itself. It allows you to stay safe, and the captain will always keep you at a reasonable distance from any potentially dangerous animals. Naturally, the aim is for you to encounter many fascinating creatures, but do it in the safety of an airboat. Airboats are fast and agile, so the captain will drive you back to safety even if a creature gets too close.

As you can see, the Everglades can be dangerous, and the safest way to approach them is to do so with knowledge and experience. Everglades airboat rides are your best bet when it comes to safety. You can also talk to Florida’s rangers, as they can also guide you and give you a few tips for making your journey a safer one. The bottom line is that you should prepare with the right gear and the proper knowledge. We will always do our best to guide you and explain the dangers of the Everglades, all while keeping you safe. Talk to us online, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions when you book your ride with us!