The Everglades is one of the most incredible places on Earth. It is the largest subtropical wetlands found in the United States as well as the third-largest national park. Full of natural beauty and mystery, the Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale is special for so many reasons. Whether it be the miles of river grass, the mangrove forests, the hidden spots where humanity once existed, or even the gorgeous creatures that call the Everglades home, making it hard not to consider it a one of a kind experience. This diverse landscape of 120 different species of native trees provides pivotal habitats for several rare and endangered species. It is also considered the best location to view hundreds of different bird species, 30 different types of reptiles, turtles, fox, brown bears, wild boars, and the American alligator. Not to mention the elusive Florida panther.

No visit to the Everglades is even remotely the same, which makes Everglades airboat rides so special. Thinking about taking a walking tour on a trail through the Everglades? It will never compare to actually being out on the Everglades in an airboat. There’s no better feeling than flying on top of the water in an airboat with Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale. Even though we’ve been piloting private Everglades airboat rides for over 30 years, we are still discovering new sights and spots throughout the “River of Grass”. The Everglades gets its nickname “River of Grass”. This is due to its massive size and sawgrass prairies that rise 3 to 10 feet out of the water. If you’re looking for an awe-inspiring experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before, then an Everglades airboat tour with Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale is just the thing for you!

Forests of The Everglades

The Everglades are home to over 120 different species of large stands of trees and forests. There are 2 most commonly found trees in the Everglades. The bald cypress and the pond cypress trees. These trees are the most water tolerant of all Florida trees species. They can also withstand the cover of water for long periods of time. The Everglades is also home to mangrove forests. Mangroves are a mixture of trees and shrubs that adapt to life in brackish water environments.

Cypress Swamps

Cypress swamps are tree communities consisting of bald and pond cypress trees. They thrive in marshy, flooded conditions such as the Everglades provides. These trees can form large circular patches of cypress, otherwise known as domes. Fern, Spikerush, and marsh fleabane grow under the canopy of these trees. Cocoplum, buttonbush, willow, and wax myrtle also share this environment. The big cypress swamp is located in Big Cypress National Preserve.

Red Mangroves

Florida is home to three different types of mangroves. The most common species of mangrove is the red mangrove. These mangroves are salt-tolerant and grow in areas with low oxygen soil. Red mangroves are a special breed of mangrove since they can siphon fresh water from saltwater.  These mangroves look like thick, tangled roots stretching in all directions connecting to other trees. Mangroves grow like this to adapt to the subtropical climate and the rise and fall of tides daily. The Everglades has the largest strand of protected mangrove forests in the northern hemisphere. They play a vital role in the Everglades as they provide safe havens for birds, reptiles, fish, and other animals seeking shelter from predators.

Pine Rocklands

Found on higher ground, limestone outlines the eastern boundary of these historic wetlands of the Everglades. Long Pine Key covers 19,000 acres and is found on the southwestern-most stretch of the Miami rock ridge. The higher elevation of the area supports Pine Rocklands or Pinelands’ largest remaining habitat in the United States. Pine Rocklands are known as open foliage canopies of slash pines or “pine trees” as most refer to it, combined with a diverse layer of neotropical plant species growing on the exposed limestone with limited amounts of soil.

Experience The Everglades Like Never Before

Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale - Welcome to the Everglades

The first chance people get to interact with the Everglades’ vast ecosystem is usually through a nature tour on a trail. While you can see some of the Everglades up close, it doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever. You are trapped to see the same thing every time, and most likely the same rehearsed script that the tour guide provides. The next time you visit the Everglades, try strapping in for Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale.

Our airboat tours are private and tailored to what you want to experience. Choosing between a one hour or two-hour eco-tours. Most public airboat rides shove as many people on an airboat as possible, which leads to everyone distracting each other. That is why we offer a more intimate setting with our private tours to avoid that cramped and distracting environment. This way, you can experience the Everglades how you imagined and at your pace. Other Everglades airboat rides last between 30 to 45 minutes, and they travel on the same predetermined path day in and out. It’s not a genuine experience whatsoever. You are missing out on experiencing all the exciting and mysterious wonders the Everglades has to offer.

Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale Options

Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale - Everglades sceneryWith Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale, you get that intimate Everglades airboat tour that you have always dreamed of. We here at Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale know how special the Everglades really are, which is why we do our absolute best to show you everything you want to see. Our Captains have over 30 years of experience being natives of the Everglades and South Florida. The airboat tours are fun and equally educational for you and your family. They also know where the best places are to experience some breathtaking vistas that will guarantee to blow you away visually.

Our knowledge of the Everglades combined with our top of the line airboats provides a splash of fun for everyone and a great choice for your Everglades experience. The Everglades is a magical place. We want nothing more than for you to experience and feel the same way. We offer Everglades airboat rides all year long. Our tours will captivate you and your guests every time!



Our One Hour 30 Minute Florida Everglades eco-tour is our most popular package. This tour brings passengers aboard our custom-built aluminum airboat and includes several wildlife stops that will teach you about the history of the Florida Everglades. Make the most of the Everglades’ remarkable ecosystem, take your time and discover the best wildlife of the Everglades.

  • Includes 2 riders. Additional riders are $75/each.
  • Children 5 and under ride free. Children between 6 and 12 $35/each.
  • Available year-round

One-hour 30-minute airboat rides are the ideal fun ride, but also allow you to take your time to soak in all the impressive nature the Everglades has to offer.


The One-Hour Florida Everglades Airboat Rides experience is just a glimpse of the Everglades, one of the world’s largest wetlands. You and your party will hang on tightly to your seat as we glide alongside the plains of sawgrass and underneath the mangrove forests. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss this opportunity! Everglades Tours  are equally loved by adults and children alike.

  • Includes 2 riders. Additional riders are $75/each.
  • Children 5 and under ride free. Children between 6 and 12 $35/each.
  • Only available in August and September

To sum up, One-hour airboat rides are best for everyone who wants to have a high-octane ride across the Everglades. Enjoy the thrills that only an airboat can bring.