Everglades Birds

Everglades Birds

The Everglades National Park holds more than 350 species of Everglades birds and there are many ways to identify them. Generally the birds of the glades can be placed into three different groups wading birds, land birds, and birds of prey. One of the most common kinds of Everglades birds you’ll come across is wading birds. Wading Birds all have longer legs for wading in the shallow warm waters to catch their food. The white Ibis is a beautiful and commonly found wading bird. The ibis dines mostly on crayfish while most wading birds just prefer fish. The  white white Ibis is identified by its long curved beak that it uses to probe the shallows and mud in search of crayfish.

Great Blue Herron

The Great blue heron is among one of the most popular birds in the Florida Everglades and the largest as well. The great blue heron is impressive in size,  it is Probably one of the largest birds in the Florida Everglades. There are many beautiful species of birds in the Everglades. One of the most colorful birds is the Roseate Spoon Bill pink in color with a white neck. The roseate spoonbill is by far one of the most photographed birds in the Everglades because of its color and beauty. It is one six species of spoonbills and the only one found in the Americas. To learn more about The Everglades birds, especially for bird watchers Visit  Birds List

Viewing Everglades Birds

The Everglades contains many of these birds and a great way to see them on an airboat ride.  Bird watchers from all over the world come to take an airboat tour to see these beautiful, graceful  birds. The best time for birding in The Florida Everglades is winter time. However birds can be seen year round. The cooler weather and low water conditions provide for the perfect winter home for most of these birds. The lower water levels provide a great food source and it attracts birds to the river portion of the Everglades. To book an everglades tour to view all of the birds in the Everglades Contact Us

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