The Florida Panther

The Florida Panther is of the Puma subspecies which ranges from mountain lions, cougars, and more. This specific type of panther lives within the Everglades of Florida as well as the surrounding swamps. Panthers keep the wild boar population in check and are a main food source. The Panther is the official state animal. Although popular now and better understood, there was a time in the past when settlers mistook the nature of the Florida Panther. In the past they were hunted into near extinction. This made the panthers one of the most endangered mammals on Earth.

Everglades Florida Panther

This Florida swamp cat was endangered by the hunting it endured in the past but also the constant draining and destruction of the Florida Everglades it calls home. A single male Panther requires at least 200 square miles to survive comfortably and properly. Habitats of the Panther is usually in a dry dense scrub, also where the panther kittens are born and raised for a short amount of time.  Most cubs don’t make it, a litter consist of typically 1-4 cubs. The male Panther often avoids the females other than to breed, so the female panther does all the raising.

The Florida Panther Protected

 Florida Panthers have struggled to survive do to the expansion of human commodities. We now have a protection plan put in place to reserve and hopefully restore this once thriving beautiful species. It is nearly impossible to see a Florida Panther on an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale. These cats are very nocturnal and elusive and mostly move late at night or before dawn.  Not many visitors to the Florida Everglades have seen a Florida Panther in real life. It would take days even weeks of walking in the Everglades to hopefully get a glance at a panther. But your best chances of seeing a panther in the Everglades would be in the central area of Everglades national Park. To learn more about the Florida panther Click Here. For an amazing Everglades tour Contact Us

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