“The airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale itself is something you have never experienced before, gliding on top of the Sawgrass, you are truly one with the environment.”

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Two Hour Tour

Our Two-hour eco-tour from Fort Lauderdale airboat rides is our most popular package. This everglades tour offers passengers a look at the Florida Everglades aboard our custom-built aluminum airboat.  With several stops to view wildlife and learn about the history of the Florida Everglades. This tour as all of our tours is a Private airboat tour. With this package, guests will get a look at the remarkable ecosystem. This ride is perfect for thrill-seekers and wildlife lovers alike. This package includes two passengers.  Additional riders are extra.


 Includes 2 riders. Additional riders $75/each.
 Children 5 and under ride free. Children between 6 and 12 $35/each.

Three Hour Tour

Note: This tour is only offered in summer, August 1 to Sept 30th

The 3-hour excursion for passengers who would like a longer tour.  This trip offers multiple opportunities for photography and more stops. This airboat ride is narrated and makes frequent stops for wildlife, including Alligators, Birds, and other photo opportunities. This is the perfect ride for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Take your time and soak in the incredible sights, while observing the best of the Everglades. This package includes two passengers. Additional riders are extra.


 Multiple photo opportunities and wildlife encounters.
 Available year-round.
 Includes 2 riders. Additional adult riders $75/each.
 Children under 5 and under ride free. Children between the ages of 6-12 are $35/each.

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Book the airboat ride that works best for you!

Ultimately we are all about offering you the experience you are truly after. Some people enjoy a calmer expedition where they have the time to observe nature, while others just want to speed their way along the Everglades for some fun times. The great thing about Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale is that you will always be booked on a private airboat tour. This means that the tour is all about you and what you truly want the most. Because you don’t need to adhere to the agenda of a group of strangers. you can ask as many questions without having to worry about what other people may think. Private airboat rides are the best way to tour the Everglades. You’ll be with people you know, and the tour will be about you.

We mostly drive around a set journey, but we also have some Flexibility. So let’s say you want to see specific sceneries or witness specific creatures. In either case, we can do our best to make that happen. Whether you have a fascination with Everglades animals or you want to see certain parts of the plant life, just make sure to tell us. Don’t forget, our captains are native of the Everglades. Therefore they know the area like their pockets, and they know the best spots where certain encounters are the most likely to happen.

We can’t always guarantee that you will get to see specific creatures, but we will go out of our way to make it happen. We understand that you want to make the most of your Everglades airboat tour, and we totally respect that fact. Ultimately, we want to offer an experience that will not only please you, but that will stay with you for the years to come.

Also, we know people love taking pictures. After all, these days you don’t simply witness an alligator, you share it online with all your friends and family. Pictures have always been the best way for people to keep and cherish their most favorite memories. While most of you will carry a phone, some of you will take more specialized photography equipment. So you can always let us know in case your journey is more about taking those best shots. Because when it comes to it, we want you to have the best opportunities to catch what you’re after. We will ensure to take you to the best places, so you will always have the best time during our airboat rides.

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