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Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides

Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides, an adventure in the Florida Everglades. Offering private airboat tours leaving from  Ft Lauderdale as well as Hollywood  Florida. Our airboat rides are custom and done with traditional airboats.  Airboating in Florida is our passion therefore we enjoy showing visitors Florida Everglades. The everglades is a great way for friends and family to enjoy the outdoors. It has a rich history and it is a great opportunity to enjoy the river of grass. Our airboat rides are private and custom just for you or your group. We depart daily by appointment and we are open year-round except for Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Where Do Our Airboat Rides Take You?

Our airboat rides cover an area in Broward county known as the Loxahatchee preserve. The Everglades has different seasons and the best time of day to do an airboat ride in the summer is very early in the morning. The fall and winter airboat ride times can be pretty much any time of day because of the cooler although it is best to check the weather. When booking an airboat ride with Ft Lauderdale airboat rides most importantly book in advance. This is the only way to make sure there is an airboat available for you. Also, it gives us time to plan your ride. We have to your needs into account, but also we have to plan ahead for the weather! And let’s face it, who wants the disappointment of showing up somewhere only to be turned down.

A thrilling Airboat Ride in the Everglades

Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides are about more than just the Everglades, they are also there for you to have fun. Our airboats go fast as they glide above the water surface. This makes for a fast-paced and exciting time. It is very different from traditional boats that float on the water. Airboats go fast and move along very smoothly. You will enjoy that feeling of speed when the wind refreshes you from the Florida heat. It is never too much wind so you won’t feel uncomfortable. Imagine a ride in an amusement park, without all the upside-down nonsense! The great news is that because of this smooth gliding, you won’t get to feel sick like some people do on traditional boats. The airboat doesn’t sway around, it’s all very smooth sailing.

Discover unique nature and animals

The Everglades is a fascinating ecosystem, full of plants and animals that are unique to the area. You are almost sure to come across the American alligator, amongst some of the other reptiles that populate the Everglades. Imagine coming face-to-face with such a beautiful yet scary animal. Nothing beats it. It is not just reptiles though. The Everglades is home to many native and unique bird species. If you are a bird lover, this is the perfect opportunity to come across some species you might not have the chance to see anywhere else. It is worth noting that we can’t always guarantee you will come across specific animals. We do know the Everglades like the back of our hands, so we will take you to the best spots. We will always maximize your chances of witnessing as many great and wondrous creatures.

Airboat rides – A Great Adventure

Airboat rides in the Everglades is an adventure you will not soon forget, however very educational. Experience it with the best because we are Licensed U.S.C.G. Captains who are true gladesmen. We are passionate about the Everglades. We take pride in what we do and have the experience although we learn something new about the everglades every day.

Join us today in the Everglades for a tour that will amaze you. Book your airboat ride in advance and get ready to have some fun on vacation. Also, rest assured that you are in good hands. We are all qualified to look after you, your safety is paramount to us. We will never take the risk of taking you out if the weather is too stormy. Your well-being is important to us, we never take chances.

Contact us for directions, as well as information on our boat ramp from Ft Lauderdale Florida. For more information on the Florida Everglades click here.

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