Spotting Florida Alligators

Tips For Spotting Alligators 

You can spot Florida Alligators during an airboat ride.  This is why before going on a gator tour you should be aware of where to look so you can spot them. People are often looking directly at an alligator without being aware of it.

Usually found in wetlands, near swampy shores, and sawgrass marshlands, alligators prefer still water along with vegetation. They float in stagnant waters and therefore any lake, pond, or swamp makes for a good home for wild alligators. Gator tours in Florida give you the opportunity to spot them safely.

Spotting Alligators on Airboat rides

Like the majority of reptiles, the American alligator cannot regulate its body temperature. Thus they utilize the environment to maintain the body temperature. Therefore, during the cold season, groups of alligators congregate on dry land to bathe in the sun. This will keep their bodies warm. However, the best time to spot alligators is during the spring and summer seasons. The alligators lay eggs and mate during the warmer months. Normally late summer a gator tour at this time will ensure you get to witness this life cycle up close.

Other good places for spotting alligators are the sawgrass marshlands. These muddy beds, created by the alligators sometimes, along with the shore banks. They can also be found among the flattened sawgrass. This allows these reptiles to camouflage with the surroundings and to search for prey. They blend in with the dark and their scaly bodies merge with the background and these hunters wait for animals until they get a good opportunity to attack.

Who doesn’t want to see an Alligator?

Let’s face it, seeing an alligator is one of the main reasons people book airboat rides in Fort Lauderdale. It is not just about witnessing this majestic creature like you would in a zoo. It is much more, here you get to see them in their natural environment. They might be partially hidden lurking for their prey, or they might just be resting. They could simply be swimming around, getting on with their business.

Visiting Fort Lauderdale without witnessing the Everglades and taking a few snaps of an alligator is would be a real shame. You know what it’s like. When you go on holiday, you want to share some fun pics with your friends online. The Everglades have plenty of beautiful sceneries, but the ultimate pic is always that alligator. You can say ‘I was there”, and show off something your friends will find both interesting but also fascinating.

Are alligator sightings guaranteed?

When exploring nature, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. However, our captains know the Everglades like the inside of their pockets. They will take you to the best places and offer you the best chances to witness that alligator. We know our tours wouldn’t feel complete without showing off at least one of those awesome creatures. This is why we pretty much manage to see them most of the time. Not 100%, but very close to that.

Therefore you can feel pretty confident that you will in fact get to witness one of Florida’s most iconic reptiles. In fact, you will most likely see more than one, leaving you with plenty of opportunities to observes and snap those pics. Alligators are where it’s at, and we will always go out of our way to make sure you aren’t disappointed.

Also, our captains will make sure to explain everything you need to know about these awesome creatures. The Everglades is our back garden, and we know a lot about it. We love passing that knowledge, and we have quite a few alligator fun facts you will love to hear. We want you to see the best things the Everglades has to offer, and we also can’t help but share our knowledge of the Everglades.

Now that you know what to expect, why not take a ride with us? Keeping all these facts in mind, if you want to explore the wild side of Florida, plan a gator tour. An Everglades tour is one of the best things you can experience here! Contact us today and be sure to book your boat tour in advance. Remember to ask any questions you may have, and check our other articles for more info on what to expect from your airboat ride in the Everglades!

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