The Everglades are famous for their crocodilian inhabitants. However, this great environment provides far more biodiversity than most would ever know. Crocodiles, alligators, native birds, manatees, and sea turtles are just part of the Everglades’ natural population. Still, this article will focus on an animal that is far less common but fascinating: the Florida panther. There is indeed much we can learn about this species. Without further ado, here are some facts about one of Florida’s rarest animals.

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16 Jul 2018

Florida Panther

A Puma Subspecies

The Florida Panther is of the Puma subspecies which ranges from mountain lions, cougars, and more. This specific type of panther lives within the Everglades of Florida as well as the surrounding swamps. Panthers keep the wild boar population in check and are the main food source. The Panther is the official state animal. Although popular now and better understood, there was a time in the past when settlers mistook the nature of the Florida Panther. In the past, they were hunted into near extinction. This made the panthers one of the most endangered mammals on Earth. Today, one of the only ways to see such a creature would be during a Florida Swamp tour, with a lot of luck.

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