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Top 5 Everglades Airboat Tours Fun Facts

Airboats are the only vehicle that can effortlessly cruise through the deep swampland of the Everglades. Given this fact, it goes without saying that an airboat is the best way to explore Florida’s endless River of Grass. But, merely acquiring an airboat and venturing into the Everglades can be rather dangerous. Unlike other waterways in Florida, the Everglades does not have any posted signs indicating directions, speed limit, etc. Guided Everglades Airboat tours are the safest and most exciting way to ensure that you get the most out of your tour of the Everglades.

Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale captains will chauffeur you through Florida’s Everglades. You can enjoy the scenery and the environment while learning more about the environment that surrounds you. Airboats are one of the only truly safe methods for trekking through Florida’s swamps, without the danger of snakes, alligators, and other creepy crawlers that could be dangerous to humans. Here are some fun facts about Airboats and the Everglades.

Airboats & The Everglades Fun Facts

Did you know?

  1. In other parts of the world, people refer to Airboats as fan boats. This is particularly the case in Canada.
  2. We refer to airboats as flat-bottomed boats, powered by the same engine and propeller that would be used in an aircraft. Why? Flat-bottomed boats allow easy access to shallow waters, which are prevalent in the Everglades. Depending on the boat, airboats are made out of aluminum or fiberglass due to how light-weight these materials are.
  3. Airboats respect the environment more than standard hulled boats. After all, the majority of the wildlife in the swamp live close to the surface. Everything required for an airboat to be operational is mounted high on the boat, raising the boat’s center of gravity and ensures that the boat skims over the surface of the water. Standard boats require the propeller to be underneath the water, which most pushes its way through the water.
  4. For those that keep the sake of the environment in mind, airboats are entirely safe for wildlife and plant life that lives below the surface. None of the moving parts of an airboat are located below the waterline, so animals and plants that live underwater are in no danger. Fort Lauderdale Airboat tours take extra care to ensure that animals are not harmed. Instead, you can appreciate them from a distance during our Everglades airboat tours.
  5. Airboats can move without water and can glide through excess water, which is another benefit of a flat-bottom boat. You can embark on Fort Lauderdale Airboat Tours all year round!

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