As the name indicates, our Ft Lauderdale airboat tours take place in an airboat. People have asked us why we use an airboat. Why not use a regular boat? Looking at it, this is quite a good question. There are probably quite a few of you that wonder why we need to use such a fast boat with that giant propeller at the back. To understand this, you must realize that traditional boats might not quite cut it, and here is why.

A quick look at traditional boats

Airboats are different from traditional boats in a few ways. A conventional boat has a hollow bottom that protrudes partially out of the water and resembles a shell. Traditional boats can be propelled by paddles or by a motor and propeller. The boat move thanks to a propeller, which will be submerged underwater. A classic boat is all you will need in most different waters. The issue with traditional boats is navigating through shallow waters and hollow canals with a lot of plants and natural obstacles.

Airboats are agile and don’t get stuck

Ft Lauderdale airboat tours pass through wetlands and shallow water. The Everglades is home to various animals, plants, and terrain, making it difficult to travel there in a regular boat. It is here that airboats make sense. Unlike a traditional boat, an airboat does not immerse itself in the water. Instead, fast-moving airboats fly above the water’s surface. Rather than pushing water, the propeller itself moves air as it is above the water’s surface. As a result, the propeller won’t get caught in the vegetation, which is the first benefit. The second benefit is that airboats can easily maneuver through swampy and shallow waterways.

Less seasick and a better view

Because of how you glide, you don’t experience the sway traditional boats do. As a result, you avoid experiencing the seasickness that can ruin a good time. It is due to the airboats’ flat bottom. The soaring and high speeds produce a polished and smooth ride that is far less rough than other regular boats. Add to it the fact that the seats are higher up. The higher ground gives you a superior peripheral vision and a sense of security. Ft Lauderdale airboat tours don’t bring you too close to the animals compared to a traditional boat.

Ft Lauderdale Airboat Tours are safer

You may have seen how the army employs airboats during flood and hurricane relief efforts. Airboats shine where ordinary boats frequently become trapped when navigating tricky areas with items poking out of the water. Airboats are speedy and nimble; they can travel farther and more quickly than other types of craft. That explains why Ft Lauderdale Airboat Tours perform better than conventional boats in the Florida wetlands. Additionally, you are safer because you won’t get caught in the Everglades marshes’ dense plant life. Your airboat will soar above the swimming animals as they do their daily business.

We hope this helps you understand what airboats are and why Ft Lauderdale Airboat Tours are better and safer. As we soar over everything, we don’t destroy flora or disturb animals, meaning Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale also benefit the environment. So if you want a fun and safe experience, feel free to book your airboat ride. We can’t wait to take you out on the water!